in the future, even the garbage is relatively advanced  
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Crane...The Nonhorse...Brooklyn NYC...sound collage...tape-drone vortex...old media...noise...analogue interfaces...techno-confusion...broken equipment...the apocalypse dimension...time whiteout...the common cassette tape...creeping fear....thanatology .... deep listening



"The Gallery"


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I have a new Tape out:

"Contemporary Time Travel II :

the Basics"

out now on Detective Squad

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Current Work:


**I live in Berlin in 2019

i'm attending the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program at the Universitat Der Kunst


**I composed and performed the sound design and video manipulation for the latest incarnation of Mallory Catlett's 'This was the End: Archive'


Archive: This Was The End is at once an artifact and experience—the afterlife of a performance as interactive sculpture. Here, you are the actor, and a wall—salvaged from the old PS 122 community center—is the physical manifestation of a memory of a play, which your presence activates and disrupts. Sound and video portraits embedded and mapped onto the wall produce a reverse relief. What is far seems near and near, far. The past hypnotizes the present, denying its erasure, to remind us of a life before that continues. 


**Our new project 'Decoder 2017: the Ticket That Exploded'

is showing at Pioneer Works in July 2019


is a series of three audio/visual performance realizations of the 'Nova Trilogy' by William Burroughs.

wherein i cut the sound score, video, and words up in real-time, it all folds in onitself time-wise. im a tape manipulation artist playing a tape manipulation spy using the cut-up principle to fight alien mind control. its very topical. :)








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while full kits and bult machines are no longer available, you can still get the great PCB for your own Nova Drone building excursion here:


photo by Edwina Hay